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sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2013

Roller Coaster

I actually enjoy them...the roller coaster, I mean.
I also like the roller coaster life we live.

And I hadn't gone for a ride since...since a while ago. And I didn't want to. Everything was settled down. Amazingly, I wasn't bored either.
But fuck, the telephone rang..an earth- shattering call and my world goes totally out of balance.
I pull myself together and go on... Saturday, everything feels like home again...Dinner, wine, cold weather. PERFECT! I'm happy...make up my mind. Fuck!!!!!!!! Sunday night, we go backawards and I cry, that sort of cry we have when you lose something we love. Deep inside, I don't care, cause in the end the things we love we lose ( but I don't wanna talk about it...too sad and true).
I drive steadly and firmly...

Doubt is back: North or South?
I dunno anymore...

Holiday's eve...I finish a big bottle of wine myself to find a way out.

Got drunk, hangover and I still don't know. ( I do).

Don't know which place I should go ( I do).

Not sure about this fucking pace ( I am)
I don't wanna talk. ( I do)

I wish I didn't have a mobile! ( I really wish) Things would be much easier!

I have to slow down... but here is the thing : I'm running out of patience!

Has the ride finished????  I don't think so!

I'm a mom!