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sábado, 15 de junho de 2013


I`m proud to see the awakening of Brazilian People! I gotta be part of this!!!  Better late than never!

Never say Never

I NEVER EVER (ops..just said it again) thought I`d enjoy the argentinian accent. Even in Portuguese speaking…well, I kinda enjoy it now…
And yeah, I passed the University entrance exam...I admit, I don’t deserve cumpliments…It was a piece of cake…the whole cake, but anyway, It marks a new time in my life and I love changes! It was about time!

Getting ready to live in the chaos soon… = /  

Verdad universal

“ Amor que no es algo loco, logrará poco”. Verdad universal

Far away

And I keep loving that part: “Oh my God, I can`t believe it… I’ve never been this far away from home” Kaiser Chiefs

I love flying...

Tickets booked!
I’m counting down...can’t wait for vacation and some travel time.
And a boring one was once able to ask me: are you going to afford it?

Traveling is not a matter of money, life or death…it`s beyond that…

But of course…not for all. Some minds are too narrow to get that.  ; )

Not easy

Nobody said that would be easy... but nobody said it would hurt like hell either.

And I cry and I cry…

And All my mom and I wanted was to hear:

Hello, my name is… Nice to meet you!

I'm a mom!