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domingo, 24 de março de 2013


It’s amazing the power a single word has. It’s also inevitable the reaction the words cause. Like that new perfume commercial in which Brad Pitt says: INEVITABLE... almost bizarre if it wasn’t  enchanting.
They are such a powerful thing that they may kill or resurrect one. And the lack of them drives me crazy. I love playing with words and I wish I had total control over them. Ok, It’s good to be speechless sometimes.
Sadly enough, I’d say, words can awake poignant memories.
Crazily enough, as I read the word canteen I feel like crying, I feel Numb, I feel down, I feel sad.
Even crazier, I usually remember the very moment I learned a new word ( in a foreign language, of course), when I first heard that, the situation and who taught me that.
That’s exactly why I don’t wanna hear, read or write the word canteen.
But it’s there!


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