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quinta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2013


And then, that ache again...

A Stomachache. It`s killing me.
Maybe because of the amount of tequilas I had...maybe...really maybe.
A mix of anxiety, anger, pain, cry, happiness, thankfulness, sadness, fear, boredom, I dunno.

Are you home already? Please, tell me.
I`ve got the keys, but not the keys I wish.
I`ve got the card, but not the card I need.
I`ve got the kiss, but not the kiss I deserve.
I`ve got the look, but not the look I want.
I`ve got the song, but not the song I crave. 

I`ve heard it`s been raining a lot. Not here, only inside.

I`ve got a stomachache!

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