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sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

Dec, 28 or 29?

I remember when I first went to a salsa place in Sao Paulo with Fabio and Augusto... I had fun, drank Caipirinhas... I also remember I met a crazy Spanish guy  ( who has having fun too while his wife was working as a nurse at the hospital, it seemed he had learned a lot with brazilian guys) and a French guy ( who smoked A LOT, just to make a change) over there. He was bored as hell, hated the music and I never thought Id be in his shoes... And while Im writing it on a napkin, latinos are looking at me like if I were taking my clothes off ( no, hadnt had enough tequilas to do so). They are all drunk and so am I. End of story: if you wanna have a real good time, you should definitely como to South America...or maybe not..it all depends on what you are looking for. Right now, Im looking for...what is it again? Cant remember, cause my thoughts are interrupeted by a guy who shouts something like: COME ON, ARENT YOU BRAZILIAN..WHY ARENT YOU DANCING?? BRAZIL, CARNAVAL, RIO DE JANEIRO... I fucking hate when people say that!!! Fuck you, I do like dancing, but fortunately, its not all about being a brazilian girl! It goes beyond your limited mind. BTW, I dont even like Carnival, coffee, the heat and soccer.

Im having a great time here and  me encanta Montserrat!

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