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sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

One month or 30 days

After being ripped off in Peru ( which wasnt cool at all), I simply felt like a very stupid and unexperienced traveler. As somebody once said: when you dont know, you pay! Indeed!

ANYWAY, Im heading to Colombia now and while the flight attendant is introducing the crew I start tripping away... I look back and I realize how much my life has changed in the very short period of only one month... or 30 days.. as you wish, my dear. However, one month is not 30 days and the other way around. I moved back to Sao Paulo state ( which I have always been in love with and fall in love with every single day and every time I take a walk on Paulista Avenue), got 2 new jobs, changed my field of study and work ( kinda) and went steady with him. Its funny to know he has always been there ( somehow). Im thankful my life has gone from darkness to happiness. No, Im not being super optimistic here...simply down to Earth and realistic about the power of a choice. Ive chosen it...and thats the beauty of life: a simple choice turns your world in black or colorful ( quite gay, I know). Like that great movie
" Mr. Nobody" : "You have to make up your mind"... Man, I love that scene at the train station! And that choice will bring you a rich variety of opportunities you have never dreamt before. Im also thankful I could spend Xmas with my beloved ones.
Gotta go...plane is taking off...Time to have fun with Camila and Luisa.
¡Hasta pronto, chicas!

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