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quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2013

Excerpts from conversations with cute 5-year-old boys II

( Dutch honesty or Alstublieft behaviour)

   - Would you like to go to Brazil again, Alexander?
   - No, never!
   - Why not?
   - Because it's too small for me!

 There is a map on the wall and I ( proudly) show him The Netherlands and Brazil.

   - See the difference?
   - WOW... - He is flabbergasted.

I smile and he says:
   -  But I still don't wanna go to Brazil again...
   - Really? What's the problem now?
   - I don't understand what people say there...Portuguese is too.. shiiiichiiiiitchiiii....

He is still the cuttiest, anyway!!!

Some months later...

  - Fífian ( Vivian), is it true they have the biggest parties in Brazil?  All the time? The whole year?
  - Yes, baby...we party a lot over there, but specially in Carnival time.
  - Hum...ok and is Carnival in summer time?
  - Yeah, absolutely!!!
  - WOW!!! Now, I really, really wanna go to Brazil again...I have to!


( Do I see some Latin influence on this lovely dutch boy? Do I??? )

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