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quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2013

My best friend's wedding

   Suddenly something has come to my mind as I was having a cup of tea. And it's not that Julia Roberts's movie; my best friend really got married!!!   = O
   I'm not the kind of person who believes in " nevers" and "alwayses" ( does this plural  form really exist? As the writer here, I can do that  = p ).  I'm not at all! However, I can still see some beauty on people who do their best to make their marriage live up to the promises made. Furthermore, the vows. Believe it or not, what I like most about them is the answer: " YES, I DO!". And the possible freaking out reactions if one says: " NO, I DON'T... Sorry, I can't help thinking about it on weddings. Very mean of me...
   Well, as I was saying, I can still see the beauty of it all and recently my best friend, Juliana, got married and I was her bridemaid!!! I felt way flattered by that! It was the first time I had such an honour. And while I was there attending the ceremony, a sweet memory crossed my mind.
   Back on the day...a couple of years ago...a lazy afternoon...I went to Ju's house and we decided to make brigadeiros ( Brazilian cholicious candy). Ivair came over too ( only her boyfriend at that time)...Ju was cooking...I was talking ( to make a change) and he was sitting on the floor. I simply hate being the third wheel, but they never made me feel like that. I was at ease with them. All of a sudden, for some reason, he said: Ju, I'll never leave you!!!
   Back to reality, I look around and I see him...He's dressed up and he's putting a ring on Ju's left hand. I can see his eyes gleaming. I can't hold the tears that are coming down. I pretend to be strong and wipe them away...But I can't hold it and I cry. I love her to the freaking bones and I wish her happiness with the same intensity I seek mine.

   ...My best friend is married!!!

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Juliana F disse...

... minha linda flor, realmente vc é parte muito especial em minha vida, e compartilhar o que tenho de melhor com vc é justo e necessário, pra vc entender o quanto seu amor é fundamental para meus passos serem mais fortes... não posso dizer que vc está em meu coração, pq vc é parte dele, ou seja, não é condicional ou temporal, está estabelecida, como um ramo enxertado, que tive a sorte em Deus por ter nos escolhido e sustentado em comunhão. Vc é minha inspiração, quem eu admiro, quem eu amo! Tb não posso conter as lágrimas, e vou silenciando por aqui, pois as palavras não podem manifestar a importância que vc e sua vida na minha representam...

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