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quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2009

No Line On the Horizon

No Line On the Horizon didn't live up to Bono 's words.

“If this isn't our best album, we're irrelevant,” Bono declared when asked about
U2's new album, No Line on the Horizon, released on March 2.
As a keen fan of the band I fell sorry for Bono because it is not their best album at all!!!
On the other hand, there is a suspicious atmosphere surrounding it.
No line on the horizon is the kind of album that grows on you as you listen to it.
When I first listened to it I was utterly disappointed. = (
The album's effect doesn't happen all of a sudden.After listening to "No LIne On The Horizon" repeatedly in my car, IPOD, indeed anywhere I can, let me tell you: it's not only the greatest work I've ever heard from them; it's also the greatest, most mature work of art I've heard.
Never before have I heard an album that my first impressions seems so terribly mediocre but then totally redeems itself effortlessly with every playback before.
This album, like U2's earlier work will immerse your soul with life and you will remember this time.
The first single is "Get on your boots", which can be compared to "Elevation" and "Vertigo"( from previous albums).When I first heard "Get on your boots" I thought that this was confusingand boring (As I've already told before).I thought that U2 went a little too far off the cliff.I then heard the whole album, (again and again) and then I remembered how it reminded me of when I first heard Vertigo (the single) and Bullet the Blue Sky; BIG 'rock' songs and didn't enjoy them at all.I wasn’t immediately love-stricken like I’ve been with past U2 albums. I do believe though, that U2 is trying to take us somewhere totally new.
Although, "Get on your boots" is the first single it doesn't represent the whole album.
However, in my point of view, the best song of the album is "Magnificent" with a mixed of religious and love tone.There are also great songs in the album, even though they didn't break the mold as promised, they are amazing indeed.Such as: Breathe, Stand up Comedy, Unknown caller and the most pop one I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight.(Which is getting to be my newest favorite one at the moment).
Play the album a few times, and you'll discover what I mean.
U2 keeps its political position up and so its social activism and flamboyant freelance diplomacy.It couldn't be different.

To sum up, it's not about Bono vocals, nor his lyrics, it's not about the Edge's guitar (which is fantastic, amazing, terrific!) and it's not about the rhythme sections of Larry and Adam.
This is about U2.
Give this album a time.All the time

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