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sábado, 29 de maio de 2010

The silence of the lambs

When I think of the future, I think about Ireland.

I also think about silence..the silence that has been surrounding my soul lately.
I wouldn't call it a spook..calm down I'm still sketching it. Can't describe what I feel. My cell phone rings. I answer it. She says she is already there. Ok, what should I do now?

There was a huge slippery of mine last Friday and I realized something, petty conclusion maybe...they only think about the smell of our cunts...believe me.

Petty ideas, as usual. But how do you start to covet? We covet what we see, right?

That's why I wish I could be a drifter person, no strings attached...but I'm not.
I'm about to embody a kind of "quid pro quo" ideology. Who cares? Nobody does. That's life after all.
I try to see life as clear as possible, but there some types of moths here. Excuse me!!!
I'm getting tired of it... sodomize, fellatio, hissings...ah hold on a sec, I'll throw up! tranvestites were on the spot this afternoon...what the hell were they doing there?
Actually, some people will never change...they will be forever young, fledgling lovers. They treat us as mere turnkeys...
Next time I'll make my own affidavit, u know..
Did you try to doom me? I'm sorry...
Keep creeping then...I have much to say, but as a lamb I'd rather be quiet now.

quid pro quo!!!

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