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domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

The first of August.

Ju's birthday!!!
I've already mentioned her before.One of my best friends and sister souls.
The semester begins now and I run out of time to see her today.
Paula calls me and I drop by. I also love her...another sister soul.
Do I have many? I don't think so...
I got to know her new place...nice one! Z, please look after her, I warn him before I leave. He says he will try, at least try.
The semester is about to come...over and over.
The same class and they are happy, so am I ( I think so),Yeah, I've been really happy lately. Listening to walking in the air makes me feeel so far away from this kingdom and drives me to a unknown place that I do enjoy.
Julio and Gui are still around...Ma's gone..heading to Africa, CapeTown..have fun honey!
Back home, Fer calls me and we go to an amusement park, what a surprise...Thank you for the good moments you provided me with! May Holy Father bless you.
(Un)Fortunately, the past sorrounds me, memories are still alive and I feel flabbergasted. Earth-shattering memories!!! Dear God!

Sunday morning embraces me, the sun is shining and the grass is green, birds are singing in harmony, thank YOU for my brand new life..I'm like a celtic woman now and I talk about the origin of life and my Loved Creator.It gives me a real buzz, oh man! You can't feel it! No? You should try it...Unforgettable and consuming fire that speaks through me.

Good day, It's August 2 already.

Family reunion is always great...Laughs at loud as well.
I'm full...I've eaten so much...
My wage is over and I cannot go to the place I was entitled to, gee.
Calm down, I have r$4,00.. gotta go, Vivian.

Happy Birthday, August people!

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