quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010

Não paro de ouvir... (Giulia Y los Tellarini Buenos Aires)

Counting the waves, breaking skies, on my way
Jump into the past where I first trunk the sun.
Finally I do come back
To my country once I left,
Burning after sunset better
I certainly never get
Nor the country south being crossing
And the people lie might living
Couldn't tell me more
But the smell of this sky
So much I have to say child
Buenos Aires miss the wellness into the air,
Buenos Aires I should've known
That I will never forget you
Still am I homeless and loneliness
Missing my meaning of life,
I am homeless and loneliness
Banting my head fortune price
Holding other was the last part of me
Who was happy playing without anything.
Please give me just a shell
I do hide and keep this for leave
But growing up thats what I thought
Lots of lies you do me so
Even they exist in Europe
Dont see this like shining gold
What they care about is control.
Buenos Aires miss the wellness into the air,
Buenos Aires I should have known of
That I will never forget you
How could I forget you (Yeah, how could I forget you, hã?)

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