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segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

That's true...

Pode ser que um dia eu ouça esta canção novamente e pense:
-Ah, nada a ver...
To be really honest, no momento..é a mais pura verdade!

Oh, maybe I think maybe I don't
Maybe I will maybe I won't
Find my way this time
I hear you're calling me soon
One of these days
Some of these days, and somebody pays
It happens all the time
I'll be leaving, believing you wanted me to

And maybe I'm a fool for walking in line
And maybe I should try to lead this time
I'm an honest mistake that you made
Did you mean to?
Did you mean?
Oh, did you mean?

Love is just a game
Broken all the same
And I will get over you
Love is just a lie
Happens all the time
Swear I know this much is true

Oh, and they coloured you up
They coloured you down, they coloured you in
And I've been waiting so long
To take you home

And maybe I think, maybe I don't
Maybe I will, maybe I won't
Find my way tonight
But I hear you're calling me soon

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Thaís disse...

A pura realidade dos fatos, my friend!

I'm a mom!